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Introduction - A New Approach

TC Concepts is proud to present Ultimate Online Music, the first music site on the Internet to combine the structure of a corporate hub with the kind of personality that can only be achieved with individual input from a wide variety of sources. We have recently restructured this site and now look forward to building and presenting the most comprehensive online resource for music information, including artist biographies, reviews, site links, CDs and audio cassettes, musical equipment, sheet music, lyrics, classified ads, music literature, music theory and more.

In the coming months, you will see this site grow in terms of both volume and features. The foundation has been laid. But we need your help! Please be sure to take a moment and drop us a line with your suggestions, ideas, links, artist and group names, lyrics, etc. Your input is the backbone to this exhaustive resource. And the end result is a networking of talents that will provide all visitors with a memorable browsing experience . . . and a lot more content.

Navigating This Site

Our new site design is extremely user-friendly. Whether in frames (recommended) or non-frames mode, you can easily navigate the pages of Ultimate Online Music to find what you're looking for . . . and find it fast. We've also kept the bells and whistles to a minimum in order to speed the page-loading process. Finally, we have placed links to all of the major sections at the bottom of each page.

You will notice that aside from the pages that are specific to this website (this page, for instance), we essentially cover two types of information.

The first involves a hierachical structure based on musical genre. By surfing the genre pages (Classical, Jazz, etc.), you can locate information and links that are specific to that style of music. Each of the genre entry pages also includes a group and artist list (for that genre) which continues to grow as visitors provide new artists or inform us of those we've missed. As we continue to grow, you will notice that more and more of these will be in the form of links which point to either separate UOM feature pages or to the official websites for the particular artist or group. At this point, things can get a little crazy as we link to pages that are built and maintained by a wide variety of sources. But in our opinion, this just makes it all the more interesting in that we effectively create a new kind of website, where both content and character are multiplied.

The second area deals with musical items of a more general nature. Among other things, this includes pages for such genre-independent topics as Sheet Music, Music Equipment and Classified Ads. Owing little to any particular style, each of these sections stands on its own merits.


If you have any questions or comments, or encounter any difficulties while visiting Ultimate Online Music, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions before contacting us by email. Then, if you are unable to locate an answer to your problem, by all means, feel free to drop us a line.

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