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Ultimate Online Music offers a number of options for advertising your music-related product, service, band, recordings and more. Below you will find information about some of the specific options that are available. If you have some other ideas that you would like to discuss or a specific proposal, please direct your correspondence to

Classified Advertising

Ultimate Online Music has recently launched a new Classified Advertising section. As a brand new service, the categories themselves have yet to be created; they will simply grow as demand increases. To get the ball rolling, we are currently offering a limited-time special that involves a one-time fee of only $25!. This will not last! Act now to:

For more information, contact us here.


Ultimate Online Music is perhaps the best location on the entire Internet to promote your artist, group or composer fan site. Our hierarchical structure makes your site easy to find, enabling existing fans to find it quickly, while new fans will discover your site as a matter of course. Our artist and fansite links are both affordable and effective . . . as low as $25/YEAR! The rate structure is based on a standard link rate of $50/year, with diminishing rates depending on the level of reciprocal linking (back to Ultimate Online Music) that you are comfortable providing from your site. Here's the information:

Standard link from genre page $50/year
With reciprocal text link from artist site $45/year
With reciprocal text link from artist home page
OR graphic link from other site page
With reciprocal graphic link from artist home page $35/year
With reciprocal graphic link from home page
AND text link from all other site pages
With reciprocal graphic link from all site pages $25/year

Linking conventions can be found here. All commercial and non-commercial links from Ultimate Online Music are subject to acceptance of certain terms and conditions. For more information, contact us here.

Banner Ads

At this time, we have no specific pricing structure for banner ads, buttons, etc. on Ultimate Online Music. If you have a specific proposal, please feel free to contact us here.

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