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Use the links above to search for your favorite Classical music composers, conductors, orchestras, artists, or groups on either music CDs or audio cassette tapes. Or follow the links below for more great classical music content. More coming soon!

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Coming Soon: The most comprehensive site on the Internet for Classical Music, including reviews, collectibles, events, classical music artwork, interviews, instruments, composer biographies and more.

In the meantime, you can now buy classical music CDs and audio cassette tapes, orchestral and operatic compact discs, chamber music CD's and more online! There's something for everyone who enjoys fine classical music on cd or cassette. All CD's and tapes are on sale now, including items for many of the following great composers:

Master List of Classical Composers

Below is our attempt to provide a master list of classical composers from the Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Preclassical, Classical, Early Romantic, Late Romantic and 20th Century periods. This list is far from comprehensive . . . but we're working on it! If you have a suggestion for a classical composer that we need to add, please write to us here.

. . . and more!

Who Did We Miss?

Let us know by email so we can update this master list of Classical Composers.

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Classical Music Links

Virtual Sheet Music / Classical Music Downloads - A great site for classical sheet music that is excellently reproduced (1200 dpi!). A good quantity of freebies are available. For other titles, you can order "per piece" (at very affordable prices), or become a member to have access to their entire collection. Download immediately to your computer and print out professional scores. Search by composer, title, instrument, skill level or all of the above. If you're looking for classical sheet music, you definitely need to check out this site.

The Classical Source - A wonderfully comprehensive classical music site. Reviews, biographies, features, links, a timeline and more. Don't miss The Bluffers Guide to Classical Music.

Naxos Classical Composers Information - Very nice classical music composer site. Easy to use index points to biographies, reviews and more. Check it out!

Breakfast With The Arts - Sponsored by A&E: Aficionados of the classical arts can enjoy a full Sunday morning of outstanding performances, including symphony concerts, opera, ballet and much more.

The Unknown Composer's Page - An interesting website offering a wealth of information and links regarding primarily lesser-known composers.

Mystery Composer - Listen to this sound clip and try to guess the classical composer. Quite interesting, actually.

Various Classical Composer Biographies - Hardly exhaustive, but nice nonetheless. Michael Norrish's site provides a little more personal "flavor" than most classical sites and we've included it here as a source of quick, friendly reference.

NewMusicBox - The Web Magazine of the American Music Center. Good articles . . . nice layout . . . excellent webzine.

Women Composers - A bibliography of women composers hosted on Vitezslava Kapralova's site.

Classical Composer Links - A decent selection of composer-related links categorized under a number of various headings.

Classical Guitarists - Ying Sun's exhaustive list of classical guitar composers includes links to photos and homepages. An excellent resource for the classical guitar enthusiast.

Classical Music Almanac - Want to find out what happened today in classical music history? This site carries numerous entries for every day of the year.

Today's Composer Birthday - Spight's amazing database of classical composers includes this nice composer birthday feature, from which you can link to the rest of the site. IMPORTANT NOTE: This site utilizes a complex redirection script and numerous frames. It won't hurt your machine -- as far as we know -- but it does make "backpaging" difficult. For this reason, we've chosen to make it open within a new browser window. To return to this page, simply close the new window(s).

Beethoven Jokes - Okay, here are five Beethoven jokes. In our opinion, three of them are tasteless, but three of them are also pretty funny. See if you agree.

More links coming soon

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