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The bad news is that there's not much here -- and all the people that keep visiting this page are probably getting really frustrated. The good news, as might be expected, is that we're willing to deal. And the truth of the matter is that we've just launched this section and have yet to establish any formal guidelines. Got any suggestions? Want to advertise something musicalish?

Drop us a line and make an offer.

Avina Records, an independent Christian label in California's Bay Area, is auditioning vocalists for Avery Stafford and his upcoming tour. A background in acappella music is helpful, though he utilizes a variety of styles. Vocalists must be able to rehearse at least once a week. They must love to have lots of fun. They must possess the heart of a minister. They must love to crank out "in your face" vocals. Auditions end June 30.
Contact: Avery Stafford / 650-938-7404

Looking to book top R&B "bands" for outdoor concerts in Little Rock, Arkansas. Will consider groups on tour in this area.
Contact: Frank Whitmore / 501-888-4540

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